Welcome to the home of SUVAN BICHON FRISE Perm Reg.  We take pride in producing well bred, happy, healthy, home raised puppies.  All of our  breeding stock is home produced, and health checked (OVC hip and patella, EYE CERF).  All of our dogs are CKC registered and have had their DNA recorded. 

Our puppies are bred with conformation, health and intelligence all taken into consideration.   They are born and raised in the house with us.  They are conditioned to both using paper and going outside as a step to house training.   They are naturally weaned. They are introduced (under supervision) to our adult dogs, where they learn to be dogs.  They are introduced to a multitude of noises from the age of three weeks on.  They are all crate trained, temperament tested, innoculated and microchipped before they leave us. 

We breed for quality not quantity and only produce one to two litters annually. 

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